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Aurorae Lavender Yoga Meditative Mist Spray. From the ruins of Rome to the speed of Monte Carlo, from the art of Barcelona to the serenity of Provence, Aurorae traveled high and low searching for the perfect scent for the new Aurorae Yoga Lavender Meditative Mist. Found deep in the small village of Le Castellat, Provence in the south of France. We all deserve a place to relax, open our minds, and remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; a place where you can practice your meditation, asanas and pranayama, reviving your energy to get through the day. Aurorae wants you to escape the stress. put yourself on the beaches of France, and breathe the most beautiful scents with the new Lavender Meditative Mist from Aurorae Spa.


  • Made from Essential Oil Blend (orange, lavandin, cedarwood) Purified Water and Castile Soap. 8 oz. Non Toxic. Made in USA.
  • Re-energize your Mind-Body-Spirit Promotes Peace, Tranquility and Calms your Inner Turmoil
  • Scents that relieves stress, relaxes your senses and opens the creative spirit of the mind
  • Freshens your Personal Space, Yoga/Fitness Products, Cars, Linens, Clothing etc.
  • Made in USA


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