Exercise Fitness Bands 3 Piece Set With Bonus Carry Bag – FREE Resistance Band and Salad Recipes – Comfortable Foam Grips – Target M

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Great 3 piece set of resistance bands with carry bag plus BONUS resistance band to keep in the office for those on the go who fit in exercise throughout their day.


*3 different size bands
*Helps with flexibility, coordination, strength and muscular endurance
*Great for Beginners
*Use indoors or outdoors

What’s in the box?

*3 bands
*1 mesh carry bag
*BONUS resistance band
*electronic delivery of salad recipes – arrives with shipping confirmation email

Why Use Resistance Bands?

Well, why not? In addition, to being bulky and lacking flexibility – free weights are often limited in the number of workouts and exercises you can perform with them. On the other hand, resistance bands offer a varied number of training exercises by simply changing your body’s position in order to change the tension on your muscles. Bands take up little space, they are easy to carry and store and easy to use regardless of your fitness level. So if you are a novice, these are perfect for you.

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  • PREMIUM BAND SET: This 3 piece set features three sizes of resistance bands that are very stretchy and flexible. It has comfortable foam grips to target the different muscle groups. Sizes 3.5 feet long, 15 inches long and 10 inches long. FREE Mesh Drawstring storage bag for easy storage and easy to carry.
  • FREE BONUS BAND: You get a free portable resistance band with foam handles. Perfect to keep around the office. Increase strength and muscular endurance with these easy to use, portable Resistance Bands. Durable design features stretchy bands formed into a figure eight with comfortable foam handles. Perfect for travel and on-the-go. COLOR: Bonus band will be either Blue or Red.
  • GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS: Advanced or Novice will find these bands do adapt to their exercise level. They provide a great upper body workout in the comfort of your home.
  • BENEFITS: Improve Coordination and flexibility. Increase strength and muscular endurance.
  • RECOMMENDED USES: Perfect to use indoors or out. Makes a great gift for a co-worker, exercise buddy, exercise enthusiast, or someone who simply loves to workout and stay fit.


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